Hey guys, I am Kristina Smith. Though I wear many titles in life, Colon Cancer Widow, Mom, Education Administrator, Christian, Advocate, Author and Speaker are a few that follow my name in this crazy journey of life. I never expected to know what grief looked like at such a young age–but especially with a newborn to raise in the process.

My husband, Joe, was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer, when we were seven months pregnant with our son. He passed away sixteen short months later. Despite the sadness, unimaginable grief, and lowest of lows, I vow to always keep his memory alive for my own healing in grief, but for our son too.

I blog to those of us experiencing grief. Wait–that would mean all of us, right? Each and everyone of us in this life will experience grief, as not one person will be immune to it. Though I typically write of my own experiences as a young widow and as a widowed mother, I also write to those who have lost someone that was embedded into their very existence. This blog is to everyone, who needs hope, love, and to know there is a community of grief. We can no longer live in a society that says grief is not normal, or that it has a timeline. It simply and absolutely does not. Though heart and soul wrenching at times, I always remind each of us:

“Keep going in grief. It’s so worth it.”